So here's the deal:

The whole social media, endless self-promotion, "look at how great I am in X number of characters including a shoutout to a celebrity in the hopes that they care enough to lend me some of their relevance" thing is not my style. But I do creative stuff for a living and I'd very much like to go from the "making just enough money to squeak by in Manhattan" level to the "completing a novel every summer from aboard my luxury yacht off Cape Cod" level.

So, I'm open for any and all manner of creative work. Take a look at my previous work and reach out if I strike you as the sort who can write/edit/research the kind of stuff you need.

About Me


Born in New York City, raised in the suburbs of Westchester, got me a fancy degree in Film & TV from Boston University (home of the fightin' Why-The-Hell-Did-We-Pick-A-Small-Yippy-Dog-Like-The-Terrier-As-Our-Mascot!), spent a few years in the military, moved back to Manhattan, got fired from an ad agency job I didn't care for, now I work in the wide world of writing and filmmaking. Recently received my MFA in Creative Writing from Sarah Lawrence College (home of the fightin' Don't-Gender-Me's!) and had the good luck to intern at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert while I did so. Now I work as the in-house writer/editor for a big ol' marketing firm's military related brands: AHRN and MyBaseGuide. I eat a lot of Mexican food, adore all liquors in the whiskey/scotch/bourbon family, consider Bridge on the River Kwai my favorite film, and once peed next to Tom Hanks in a Broadway theater.

Yep, that's me. No, I am not Captain America's sleazy entertainment lawyer.