Pilot Script: "Beadwindow"

Twenty-something slacker and veteran Howie Sedgwick gets one hell of a job offer the same day his long-suffering girlfriend throws him out: taking over his (in)famous uncle Jack's ultra-right wing radio show. While the large paychecks may be nice, he nows has to balance a personal life full of people who hate what he's doing and his new coworkers who (rightfully) suspect Howie may not believe the lunacy he's spewing.


Completed Pilot: "Vetted"

After serving four years as an officer in the Marines, Captain Danny Butler returns to his native New York City to begin the rest of his life. Going from amphibious war-fighter to fish-out-of-water in his old hometown provides a whole new set of challenges he never imagined.


Teaser's to the left, let me know you're interested in seeing the whole thing. It's pretty damn funny.

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